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updated: 17-11-2008


Japan's singular, fascination culture can make any gathering memorable. Temples, shrines and gardens captivate visitors, along with year-round festivals, incredible scenery, fine Japanese and international cuisines, and an array of shopping opportunities. Japanese popular culture such as anime, music, game, and mobile life all relates to the theme of digital entertainment.

Yokohama - The Creative City of Art and Culture

Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan and conviniently located adjacent to Tokyo. Its history has left it with a uniqueand attractive cityscape that includes the historical buildings around the port and the port scenery, together with the wealth of local resources.

Fujiwara Hiroshi Hall(2F), Collaboration Complex, Keio University Hiyoshi Campus

ACE 2008 is held at Main Hall, 2F, Collaboration Complex adjacent to Hiyoshi train station in Hiyoshi Campus of Keio University. The building is shown as "29 Collaboration Complex" at the left side of the map.

From the East Exit of Hiyoshi Station

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Airports to Hiyoshi

Please check the access guide to the Hiyoshi Campus.

Yokohama to Hiyoshi

"Tokyu Toyoko Line" takes about 20 min by a local train. (* Limited Express* trains don't stop in Hiyoshi station. If you take a limited express train, please transfer to a local train at Kikuna station.)

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